Drought-Tolerant Landscaping & Full-Scale Landscape Design

At Mt. Fuji Garden Center, we are happy to provide landscape design for both residential and commercial properties in the Upland, California, area. We also offer drought-tolerant landscaping and garden design services. Call or Text at (909) 806-0937 today to set up an appointment for a consultation. If you call, ask for Lindsay.

Design Services

From full-scale landscape designs to quick-sketch consultations, we help you create the perfect landscape. Our landscape consultant will design just a portion of your yard as a freehand sketch, and then a formal blueprint drawing, complete with irrigation, hardscaping, and lighting.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

California is in a serious drought. Cities and counties across the state are calling for a reduction in water usage, and encouraging property owners to move over to a water-friendly landscape. We can help by providing many great ideas to replace your water hungry lawn or landscape. Let us help you design and build sustainable drought-tolerant landscaping that is not only beautiful but also water-wise.

More Beauty, Less Water

Provide lasting curb appeal with a drought-resistant landscape. You can also expect to pay far less money on maintaining it once your investment has been made. Advantages of drought-tolerant landscaping include:
• Saving Water
• Saving Money
• Environmentally Friendly
• Fewer Weeds
• Less Maintenance
• No Longer Needing to Mow Lawn
Contact us to find out more about our drought-tolerant landscaping and landscape design services.