Bonsai Trees & High-Quality Gardening Supplies

From rare plants like bonsai trees to gardening supplies and gifts, you’ll find everything for your garden at Mt. Fuji Garden Center. We help commercial and residential customers throughout the Upland, California, area beautify their outdoor spaces.

Nursery Stock

Select your favorites from our plant nursery. We have all types of seasonal plants available, including:
• Fruit Trees
• Flowers
• Herbs
• Bushes
• Vegetable Plants &
• Colorful Perennials
• Plants
• Shrubs
• Bonsai Trees

Drought Plant Materials

Looking to cut down on water usage? Explore our giant selection of water-friendly plant material. Come by today and check out our list of items.

Gardening & Lawn Equipment

Pick up the gardening supplies you need to take good care of your greenery. We offer the following array of items:
• Sod
• Tools
• Pots
• Pottery
• Fertilizer
• Special Weed and Feed for St. Augustine
• Mulch
• Weed Control Products

Gift Shop

• Landscape Decor
• Wind Chimes
• Bird Feeders
• Fairy Garden Supplies
• Bird Baths
• Thermometers
• Rain Gauges
• Gnomes & More
• Garden Design Accessories
• Rain Chain
Contact us in Upland, California, to find out more about our selection of garden plants, bonsai trees, and gardening supplies.